Social Networking Web App: Follow

Follow is our Mini Project for the Systems Management Course 2014, within IIITD. It is a web application, developed by Shrey Bagroy and Ambar Pal ,on the platform Ruby on Rails. We would like to thank Dr. Jyoti Sinha for suggesting us the idea of this app and allowing us to work on it.
Now, what is Follow? Let's find out.

What is Follow?

With the widespread of different forms and types of social media, everybody has a ton of people they follow and get updates from. The problem is that usually, our news feed is completely taken up by a handful of people who like to spam. What happens inadvertently, is that we miss out updates from the people who we actually like to know more about. Follow is the solution for it.

Follow is a web application that makes a user sign in via some social website ( currently only Twitter ). It then gives you a choice to select the names of the people who you would like to get updates from. And Voila! You start getting regular updates from those people and skipping the rest. So basically, never miss out on a single update that matters!

Currently, Follow only supports Twitter sign-ins and accounts. As of now, you can follow your choice of people on Twitter and get every single tweet from them, while skipping the annoying posts from the one-odd person (or posts from news channels) you followed just for the heck of it.

Support for other social platforms like Facebook will be added soon.

How to Use

Using Follow is very easy.

1. Admire the beautiful landing-page. Then click on Sign in with Twitter to continue.


2. Look for the 'Add People to Follow' on the navbar at the top and click on it.


3. Fill the space provided with the Twitter username of the person you wish to follow.


4. That's it! You will be redirected to your home screen where you will find Tweets from everyone that you Follow!


-Warning: Please have an active Internet connection while using Follow! Otherwise you may run into all glitches of all sorts.

Behind the Scenes

As mentioned earlier, Follow is a web application that is developed using the framework Ruby on Rails.
We decided to learn and use RoR as it is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks across the globe. Due to this reason, it has a huge network of developers and resources already available. It also promotes high levels of developer productivity.


Within the app, we have used Twitter API to use Twitter login and fetching data from Twitter. To use this API, one is required to visit the developer website of Twitter to register their app and obtain a set of keys, which the app uses to authorize itself to Twitter. Twitter will also ask you for permission before letting to sign in directly and inform you what kind of access the app demands ( for example, whether it can only get data from Twitter, or even post tweets from your account).

For the front-end of the app, that is, to make the app look 'pretty', we have used HTML, CSS and BootStrap, which are essential for any sort of development, regardless of the framework.

We would not mention any technical information on how the app is built on the wiki as there will be understandability issues in that case. If there are any queries, feel free to contact us using the emails provided in the Contact Us section of the app.

The source code of Follow is freely available to everyone on Github here.
Both of us (Shrey and Ambar) worked on back end as well as the front end together. We individually did not focus on any part.

How To Setup

NOTE: The following steps are tested in Ubuntu 14.04 trusty, some minor tweaks to the process may be required for installation on other operating systems.
1. Fire up a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T
2. Now clone the repository from git(you need to install git first for this step)

git clone
cd Follow

3. Now we need to set up the databases
rake db:create
rake db:migrate

4. The next step is to run the rails server on any port(say 3001)
rails s -p 3001

5. Hurray, the rails app is now running!


Shrey Bagroy
- BTech 2014
- Roll number: 2014099
- Group: 6

Ambar Pal
- BTech 2014
- Roll Number: 2014012
- Group: 2

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