3D Game Development/Animation


With the advent of new technology , things like 3D Animation and Game Development have come to a whole new level of simplicity due to some brilliant minds and even with no prior experience,(such as us) with enough motivation one can successfully develop a game.

The Aim of this project is to give a general overview on Working with Unity and Blender .

Software Used
Unity Game Engine 4.0-
Used for making the car game.The general environment was provided by Unity.

Blender 2.7-
Used for creating 3D models which can be placed in Unity.




1 – Scene view
Shows the editable (design-time) 3D game objects in the current scene
2 – Hierarchy
Text list of game objects and sub-objects in the current scene
3 – Inspector
Properties for currently selected object in scene.
4 – Game
Show preview of how the game will look when run.
5 – Project
Contents of Project ‘assets’ folder (i.e. files in that folder)– library of scripts, digital media files, and scenes.

Game Development

This is what it looks like when you open Unity.


Part.1-Making a plain

On the upper left side, go to Game Object > Create other > Plane
Then, on the right side, change scale to x=50, y=50, z=50.


Part.2-Making a Car

The dimensions of the box can be changed from the right hand side as done above.


To make a cylinder, go to Game object > Create Other > Cylinder

On the upper left side, click on the third box (the one which appears in a lighter colour in the picture) to rotate it.


After changing the dimensions of the cylinder, press ctr + d to make another copy.

Make 4 such copies ( for four wheels )


Make an empty object by game object > empty game object

You will see the name Empty game object in the hierarchy column in the middle of the screen. Dag all the parts of the car into it and name it as Car.

Make a javascript file in the project section and put the following code ( the comments explain what each command does)

//var forewardSpeed : float = 3;
var turnSpeed : float = 2;

function Update ()
//this is the speed of the car
var forewardMoveamount = Input.GetAxis("Vertical")*forewardSpeed;

//actual turning amount
var turnAmount = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal")*turnSpeed;

//rotate the vehicle

push the vehicle forward

Part.3-Placing objects in terrain

To create some obstacles, we took some cubes and rotated them, as seen in the picture below.


Create other obstacles by duplicating them.


To create the walls, use boxes.


Part.4-Making Collectable Coins

To make the coins to glow, create spotlight by going to game object > create other > spot light , and tick the halo light option on the right hand side.

Place the light on the coin.

Create multiple copies using the shortcut ctr + d .

To change the colour of the coins, download a picture of the yellow colour from google images and drage the downloaded image to the assets in the right of the screen in Unity.

From Assets, drag and drop the picture on the cylinder.


In a similar way, download different images from google and put it as terrain.



This how the game would look after adding the textures.



We also made an attempt in making some figures in Blender.

While making some of these structures, we found that remembering the shortcuts was quite challenging. Given below are some useful shortcuts.

scroll - Zoom in / out
middle scroll button + drag - to change view
tab - edit mode
a - select / deselect everything
x - delete some specific parts or everything selected
right click - selection tool
7 (on numpad) - changes view to xy axis
ctr + left click (in edit mode ) - make a point
ctr + space bar - to remove xyz axis
g - grab tool ( to change/drag a point of line)
then, click x or y or z to move it along a particular axis
w - merge tool
e - extrude tool (to make an extension of a surface /object)
f12 - quick render




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