Video Editing from Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Adobe After Effects CS6

Project Made by:

  • Aashanvit Sheoran-2013002
  • Yogesh Kumar-2013171
  • Abhishek Chaudhary-2013003


Video editing is the process of manipulating video images. Once the province of expensive machines called video editors. video editing softwares is now available for personal computers and workstations. Video editing include cutting segments, re-sequencing clips, and adding transition and other special effects.

** The Aim of our project is to give an overview about Video Editing through various video editing softwares**

Softwares Used

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13

Vegas Pro 13 is sony creative software, a contemprary NLE designed for complete creative control.

  • Adobe After Effects cs6

Vegas Pro



Adobe After Effects


Link To Our Video:

Video Editing


Both the softwares were used independently without any third party plugin while editing the videos. Different types of Effects are given in the video that we made, like, 1) Cloning Effect, 2) Super Speed Effect, 3) Teleporting Effect and 4) Slowmotion Effect.
There Are many other effects could have been done but we decided to do onyl a few selected one as there is a vast variety of effects in the both the video editing softwares.

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