Phone hacking is the taking covert control of the mobile phone without the consent of the phone’s owner and receive copies of text messages, intercepting mobile telephone calls to listen to the call in progress and other activity, and to remotely listen to activity around the phone.
This is done by installing software on the phone to provide the functionality that is remotely accessed. The phone user is not aware of the operation of the software.

Access to a Pattern/Password Lock Phone

You have to Boot your Phone and do Factory Data Reset. Limitation of this method is that after doing this your phone will be the same as it was before when you buy it.

Below method works for Android version 2.3 and above.

1. Power off your Device.
2. Start it again, by pressing Power Key and Volume Up button. (The Combination of key may be Different for different Models of Phone, Check the same for your Phone).
3. Android System Recovery Screen appears.
4. Select the wipe data/Factory reset in the menu (Use Up/Down Volume Keys to move across menus and power/home key to select).
5. select Delete all User Data.
6. After the Formatting is done, Select Reboot Phone and press power button.

The Android will be unlock. It is just like the Brand new phone out of the Box. Install the Apps form Play Store Again and stuff you needed on your phone.

Remote Access of Phone using an App

There are many apps available on the NET for Phone Hacking. Bad Part is that Almost all of them are Paid. You have to buy them for Access full Features of the app like :-

view SMS text messages
WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter messages
Get GPS locations
Record call details
View photos and videos of the phone
View memos, contacts and email
Block Apps
Record Surroundings with LIVE Panel
Take Instant Spy Photos
Internet Browsing History.

Some of the Apps which Provides above features are mSpy, iSpyoo, HelloSpy etc…

In the Trial version, we are limited to only few of the Above Features.

How to Install and Use mSpy??

It needs your Access to the Victim phone for Once. Just Install this App, after successful registration it will hide from the Victim Phone App menus. But it still runs in Background, You Have the Access to this App, through the Account Created by this app at the time of Registration. Just open your Account and Monitor Victims Phone without his/her Knowledge. The Information of the Victim phone is Updating at every second when he/she is connected to the internet, and you have full Access over all of his/her Information.

Steps :

1. Download the App on Victims Phone.
( [http://www.1mobile.com/mspy-phone-tracker-spy-652168.html] ) Not available on the Play Store, due to Security Reasons.
2. Install it.
3. Open it from the app menu and follow the instructions.
Screenshot_2014-11-13-17-26-05.png Screenshot_2014-11-13-17-26-18.png Screenshot_2014-11-13-17-26-38.png

4. Provide your e-mail Address, so that you can access victims phone.


5. Note Down the Generated URL, Login And Password.


6.After Clicking on Finish Registration, App hides from the Phone menu.


7. Open your PC/Laptop
8. Open the URL [http://www.mspyonline.com]

9. Login with Username and Password, Generated by the App on Victim phone.


10. Device Info is on the Screen.


11. All Contacts of the Victim Phone.


12. Call logs.


13. SMS of the Victim Phone.


14. Many more Options are Available in Premium version.


Get Full Phone and Accounts Record in Excel File

This method will work without Internet. You need the Victim Mobile Access for just few minutes. All the User phone Information Will Store in an (.xls) Excel File.

Mobile Phone Summary.
Contacts Details.
Call logs.
SMS Messages.
Whatsapp Messages.
Whatsapp Contacts.

All Logged in Accounts Username and Password.

Steps :

1. Download Android SDK in PC/Laptop.
2. Download and Install Andriller.

Give the adb Shell path to the cmd (Command Prompt).

(See the Video Attached at the End)

4. Connect the Victim Phone to the PC/Laptop.
5. Go to Settings -> Developer Option -> Enable USB Debugging Option.

6. Open cmd in PC/Laptop.
7. Type <adb>
8. Type <adb devices>
9. Connected Device Info Display in cmd.
10. Open Andriller.
11. Choose the Output Location. (Location to Store the Data of Victims Phone).
12. Click on Check Device and then GO….
13. It ask for Backup Full data. Press OK.
14. In the Victim Phone. Allow it to Backup.
15. All Data of Victim's Phone Store in a .xls file stored at the specified Location.



Simple Trick to Hack WhatsAPP

You need Access to Victim's Phone just for 2 Minutes.

1. Install WhatsAPP on your Phone.
2. Register the Victim's Mobile no. on WhatsAPP in your Phone.
3. Password is Sent to Victims Phone by WhatsAPP Server.
4. Use This Password in your Phone, and Delete the message from Victim's phone Immediately.
5. Now, you can Read and send the Victim's WhatsAPP messages from your Phone.

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